Wednesday, September 02, 2015

The Dean

Hey pallies, likes seein' how yesterday was the 66th anniversary of our most beloved Dino's marriage to Miss Jeanne Biegger, on a lark, we thought it woulda be kinda cool to use google image search to seee what sorta poses of our Dino and Jeanne might turn up.  We were delighted to find a number of images of our main man and his main woman includin' the  image below that we found on the web presence of none other then the Chicago Tribune.

Likes we totally totally grooves on the tag of the candid that the Tribune gives to this powerful pose that we ain' remembered seein' before, "The Dean...and we truly truly loves that Dino-buddha-grin on our King of Cool's face...likes indeed the pair seem to be havin' a great night on the town.  The description added to the image states "Singer Dean Martin and his wife, former model Jeanne Biegger, in 1957."

We thanks the Chicago Tribune for honorin' our Dino in this way and to view this in it's original source, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-report.  Dino-crazed, DMP

The Dean

The Dean

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

On This Day In Dino-history: September 1, 1949

Hey pallies, likes on this day, September 1 in the year of our Dino 1949,  the weddin' bells did chime for our most beloved Dino and his beauty queen bride Miss Jeanne Biegger. Dino and Miss Jeanne, wife numero duo, tied the knot at  the pad of Mr. Herman Hover.

As we, with the deepest of devotion,  remember this day of absolute bliss for our Dino, ilovedinomartin shares with you a post that Deanager Catie shared at her tumblr blog, "They always look better at night..," on this day of Dino-significance, last in 2012.  Our Catie combines an outstandin' weddin' pix of the beau-ti-ful couple with some potently powerful  prose scribed by Mr. Jerry Lewis from his magnificant Dino-bio, "Dean and Me: A Love Story."

Just likes we  totally totally  grooves to be likes readin' these kind of glorious Dino-details....and these reflections from Mr. Lewis notin' the extremely close relationship that our most beloved Dino had with his bestest of best pallie Jerry.

ilovedinomartin sez our thanks to Miss Catie for creatin' this Dino-memory on her tumblr account, sure to bring many of today's nouveau hipsters to the keen knowledge and awesome adulation of our great great man. Dino-rememberin', DMP btw pallies, if you clicks on the tag of this Dino-gram you will be taken to the Dean Martin essential pad for all those who are deeply devoted to our Dino!

You just got out of a marriage,” I said. “What the fuck are you rushing into another one for?”

He just stared at me, shocked that I had hit the issues on the button. I hurried to explain myself. “Forgive me, Paul.” I said. “Jeanne’s a great girl, and I think she would follow you to the ends of the earth. I know she would wait until you were ready. And there are four kids to think about.”

Dean thought for a moment. “Listen Jer,” he said. “You know me better than anyone, so what I say is between us. I do worry about my kids. But this feels so right. So strong.”

I nodded, finally understanding that he was really in love, and probably for the first time. “It’s your life, pal,” I told him. “And you have to do what’s best for you. You’ve always taken care of your kids; now it’s your turn to take care of yourself. Everything’ll fall into place.”

He threw his arms around me in a bear hug and whispered into my ear: “Thanks, Jer.”

As it turned out, Jeanne was the best thing that ever happened to Dean.

Jerry Lewis to Dean Martin on the day of his wedding to second wife Jeanne Biegger, September 1, 1949.

Monday, August 31, 2015

..... and Dean Martin over the Beatles

Hey pallies, likes  our on-goin- search to satisfy our Dino-as-Helm cravin's recently took us to yet 'nother coolly coolly tagged blog, "ONCEWEREBATCHELORS," where a blogger dude posted the Helmer related post, Matt Helm's Rat Pack Wheels."  It's pretty short, with the major emphasis on sharin' a number of poses of one of our hot man's hot wheels...the "space age beaut, a 1962 Ghia L6.4."

 We found much pleasure in learnin' that this dude's daddy-o loved the "Dean Martin - Jerry Lewis comedies" and that dude himself as we proclaim in our opennin' tag to this post  was really into "Dean Martin over the Beatles."  And we digs how this guy shares gettin' into our Dino as swingin' spyster Matt Helm as "a kid"....likes what coulda be cooler then that!

Here's hopin' that all youse Dino-holic pallies enjoys this bit of Dino-diversion this very Dino-day.  We sez our thanks to unknown blogger dude and thanks him for doin' his part to share some Dino-devotion with the larger world.  To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-report.  Dino-delightedly, DMP

 Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Matt Helm's Rat Pack Wheels

My fascination with the early Sixties, before everything around here went to hell in a VW bus, is well documented.  Give me the Space Race, the New Frontier, topless-only Playboy centerfolds, and Dean Martin over the Beatles (let's leave the Stones out of this argument, because it won't help me make my point).

My father loves Dean Martin - Jerry Lewis comedies.  Go figure, he's not French.  If one was being shown saturday afternoon on Channel 9, he and I watched it.  So I was already familiar with the tipsy smoothie bit by the time I discovered Matt Helm.  Dean's secret agent was supposedly America's answer to James Bond, but it seemed more like the answer to Maxwell Smart, and a precursor to a certain International Man of Mystery. With all the busty women, lux interiors, secret compartments, in-car video phones, and gunplay what's not to like for a kid like me.  Dean Martin did four Matt Helm flicks, each a lesser version of its predecessor.  If you are willing to spare only a little time, watch the first film, "The Silencers".

Heck, just watching that trailer gives you a clear idea how much Mike Meyers ripped Helm off with his retro-anachronistic Austin Powers.  And in none of Helm's four films will you hear the words "groovy" or "far out".

In case you were wondering what ol' Dino might've driven when rolling onto the Paramount backlot to get made up for Helm, he probably drove this space age beaut, a 1962 Ghia L6.4, lightly customized by Hollywood car smith George Barris for Mr. Martin.

This was his, or so we're told.  Italian coachwork by Ghia, power train by Chrysler.  Real leather.  Real wood.  All style.  Early sixties style.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "La Giostra" (Merry-Go-Round)

 Welcome back, mi amici! How's thins'? Desperately holdin' onto Summer? Me too. Still gots a few more weeks though. Let's SQUEEZE out a little more fun! Or... LOTS more fun! Yea...that's better, pallies! Dino-fun! It's actually VERY easy. Just let Dean lead the way! He KNOWS where the fun is at! Just listen! I'll gives youse an example of what I'm talkin' 'bout. Last weekend...there I was...Danny G....walkin' along...mindin' my own buisness... just goin' for a walk...contemplatin' the teachins' of Dino...when all of a sudden, pals...I HEARD HIM SPEAK! Stopped me dead in my tracks! Thought I might be havin' some kind of out-of-body-Dino-experience! Man! Could this TRULY be the second comin'! No. Not to be. BUT...almost! Realised I had wandered within hearin' distance of our churches annual Italian festival! Man...what a smell...what a sound! Dean was beconnin' me! Of course I HAD to checks it out! What a time! People everywhere! Singin'! Dancin'! Eatin'! Music playin'! ALL thins' Dino! Now, the FUNNEST part for the kiddies was DEF I NATE LY the carnival! Watchin' the wee ones laughin' & spinnin' on the Merry-go-round...Dean croonin' in the o man...brought me right back to those FUN FUN days of childhood, pallies. What a nice feelin' memberin' those years, pals. So...for today's Serenade...I thought we could ALL use a little Summer fun from our youth. It's been a long time. Thinks we ALL would like 'nother twirl on "La Giostra". Summer's not over yet, mi amici! Keep followin' Dean! Just gotta listen for him...he's EVERTWHERE! Enjoy the ride, pals!

(La giostra d'amore La giostra d'amore La giostra (?) So, merry-go-round of love) When I want your carress And your eyes tell me yes But your lips tell me no Round in circles I go, on love's la giostra (The merry-go-round) With my feet off the ground On that merry-go-round I go nowhere, but fast Oh, how long will I last, on love's la giostra ? When my head's in a spin You give out, you give in And your kisses are sweet Then my heart's at your feet, just as before Being in love is like taking a ride on a giostra La giostra (?) So, merry-go-round of love (La giostra d'amore La giostra d'amore La giostra (?) So, merry-go-round of love) When my head's in a spin You give out, you give in And your kisses are sweet When my heart's at your feet, just as before Being in love is like taking a ride on la giostra La giostra (?) So, merry-go-round of love (La giostra d'amore La giostra d'amore) La giostra (?) So, merry-go-round of love ….

Saturday, August 29, 2015


Hey pallies, likes this is likes, likes totally totally rad dudes!    Recently we have been on a surfin' search for a plethora of posts accentin' our most beloved Dino playin' his  coolest of  cool, hippest of hip, randiest of randy persona  as the swingin' spyster, 'cause likes we can never ever get 'nough of our one and only Dino as the one and only Matt Helm.

Likes our google Dino-blog searchin' for Helm has taken us to a number of beau-ti-ful blogs for some passionate posts accentin' our one and only Dino.  Today we are perfectly pumped to share with you some delightful Dino-action from a most interestin' tagged blog "SLOW ROBOT A GO GO" where two nouveau hipsters tagged "Dr. Morbius (from parts unknown) and mOw" share, what perhaps in all our years of Dino-reportin' at  ilovedinomartin, is not only the longest, but also both provocative and evocative tagged prose, "WHOS THE HUGE CAR DRIVIN, LOTTA BOOZE CHUGGIN SEXZUAL HARRASSINGEST SPY AROUND?  MATT HELM IS AND HE IS DEAN MARTIN, AND IT IS CALLED THE SILENCERS."

Now, likes with a title likes that how coulda they go wrong with their coolest of cool, hippest of hip, randiest of randiest review of Helmer numero uno "The Silencers."  While they have shared a bit of patter and a few Dino-as-Matt-Helm images in the post, the awesome action comes if you clicks on
the link " Slow Robot A Go-Go Show 110 – The Silencers."

Likes this perfectly primo podcast has these two delightful dudes dialogue back and forth givin' a powerfully provocative play by play commentary of "The Silencers" that certainly  unequivocally evokes emotions of the coolest of cool kind.  Likes we have never had more fun listenin' to anyone sharin' such incredible imaginative insights into our most beloved Dino as Helm.

We coulda goes on and on 'bout all this, but all that does is delay you enjoy the awesome action for yourself.  Big note pallies:  the Dino-actions doesn't begin until likes minute 33 of the likes fast forward it for over a half an hour of deeply delightful  Dino-fun.  We sez our awesome appreciato to dudes Dr. Morbius and mOw for givin' us so so much pure pleasure.  To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-gram.  Dino-funnin', DMP


title Matt Helm The Silencers DVD Review Dean Martin PDVD_001

 Slow Robot A Go-Go Show 110 – The Silencers

Tonight Dr. Morbius (from parts unknown) and mOw reviewed their Top Ten list then jumped right into Austin Powers. No, that isn’t right… it was more booze and more broads and bigger cars and a little dumber. OH… that’s right, Dean Martin is Matt Helm in THE SILENCERS! Listen, laugh and love won’t you? thank you.

Slow Robot A Go-Go is now part of the  SLICE RADIO  family!  Look for some promotions to win awesome prizes and make sure to log onto Slice early and often. Also make sure to add us on twitter @slowrobotagogo to keep up on new news and developments. Also, please join our facebook group group to get the inside scoop on all our wacky shenanigans. But never mind all that… here is THIS?!?!



Friday, August 28, 2015

Dean Martin never really drank,

Hey pallies, likes if anyone ever lived their dream if woulda been our most most beloved Dino...livin' life to the max and always always on his own terms.  Well today we'll share some patter with youse 'bout a dude (with a Dino-connection of course!) who is also livin' their dream by usin' their scribin' skills to "write about Ultimate Luxury Experiences: People, Places and Things."

His tag is Jim Dobson and his bio tells us that he has  "been a writer and world explorer for over 30 years. I am highly experienced in exotic travel and luxury adventures and have been lucky to work and travel with some of the biggest celebrities and corporate executives." And, likes of course one of dem "biggest celebrites" is none other then our Dino.

Today we share a short segment of Dobson's recent post for "ForbesLife" tagged "Living Like Sinatra: The Ultimate Rat Pack Weekend in Palm Springs."  Likes when and where did Jim encounter our most beloved Dino and his pallies Mr. Sinatra and Mr. Davis Jr.?  Likes as youse will read below, Jim was one of the luckiest teenagers ever 'cause his daddy-o worked in the casino biz and Jim met our Dino and the rest of the pack as he grew up "in the 60's and 70's in Lake Tahoe.  Likes gotta 'fess up that we are ubber extraordinarily  envious of Jim startin' his "ultimate luxury experiences" hangin' 'round our ubber ultimate Dino!

Likes we're thinkin' that we are goin' to have to do some ol' 'net searchin' to see if we can find any other scribin's by Mr. Jim Dobson 'bout our King of Cool.  To read his post in total, simply, as usual, clicks on the tag of this here Dino-report.  Dino-'mazed, DMP

Living Like Sinatra: The Ultimate Rat Pack Weekend in Palm Springs

By Jim Dobson Contributor

I was a pretty lucky kid. I remember growing up in the casino business where my father worked, and being surrounded by a lot of legendary people. From family gatherings with Frank Sinatra, to hanging out backstage with Sammy Davis Jr. at every one of his concerts, it was an exciting life for a freckled faced, innocent kid. I would come to meet the members of the Rat Pack purely by the company we kept. As a wide eyed teenager I got to know them fairly well; Dean Martin never really drank, Sammy Davis was more spiritual than you could imagine and Frank was always entertaining beautiful women. They were a part of my life growing up in the 60’s and 70’s in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. and Frank Sinatra
Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. and Frank Sinatra

 Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin golfing in Palm Springs
Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin golfing in Palm Springs

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Scotty's Sharin': Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra 1966

My Photo

Hey pallies, likes our bestest of best Dino-phile Scotty-o from "BlueisKewl" has come through 'gain with phenomenally potent poses of our most beloved Dino shared with the greater Dino-world.  Below are two cool candids of our most beloved Dino and his Rat Pack pallie Mr. Frank Sinatra snapped sometime in 1966.  In both of this incredible images we see our main man with his ever present cigarette just waitin' to be lit up.  And, we might add, these are two Dino-views likes that we ain't ever laid our eyes on least as far as our Dino-memory carries us!

Just lookin' at these swank shots makes us wonder where they were clicked and what excitin' event our King of Cool was sharin' with the Chairman of the Board.  Gotta sez that we likes deeply deeply digs the Dino-buddha-grin on our Dino's face in the first pix.  Just glancin' at our Dino can't help but bring a similiar grin to his devotees' faces as well!

Once 'gain we gives our awesome appreciato to our Dino-holic pallie Scotty-o for searchin' and sharin' more 'n more perfect poses of our one and only Dino....helpin' to bring more and more of his readership into knowin', lovin' and honorin' our one and only Dino!  To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-report.  Dino-always, ever, and only, DMP

Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra 1966

Comedian and Actor Jack Carter is pictured in the first photograph as well.